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Porsche Delaware

Exclusive Savings

As a Porsche owner, you know that proper service and maintenance is vital to keeping your car running smoothly.

At Porsche Delaware, we are committed to providing quality parts and service at a reasonable price.


Our hourly labor rate is only $130--that's $20 lower than any other Authorized Porsche Dealership in the Tri-State area. Thanks to a 0% sales tax in the state of Delaware, the difference between a service bill at Porsche Delaware and the same bill at another dealership in the surrounding area is huge.


For example, compare the totals for a Porsche 911 needing front brakes, a brake flush, a water pump and annual service at Porsche Delaware and at the average PA/NJ/MD dealership:

Porsche DelawarePA/NJ/MD DealershipTotal Savings
$3,200 $3,668* $468

*Based on labor rate of $150 p/hr. plus 7% sales tax.


You would save $200 in labor plus an additional $200 in sales tax simply for choosing Porsche Delaware. Imagine the total savings you could earn over the life of your vehicle.

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Monday - Friday : 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Phone: 302.292.8250

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